The 10 TV Shows To Watch That Prove You’re Smart & Funny

1. Seinfeld

This brilliant comedy managed to appeal to the masses and comedy writers alike. Seinfeld somehow made us all seem funnier, smarter, and occasionally annoying if we were trying to mimic that Seinfeldian whine. Partnering Seinfeld’s observational every-guy comedic chops with Larry David’s relatable misanthropy has enshrined this classic into hearts of smart and funny folks everywhere.

When Seinfeld was originally piloted, it tested terribly, mostly because at the time it was so unique that the viewers didn’t know what to make of it. The network rolled it out as mid-season replacement, where shows get buried alive, but instead they stumbled on pay dirt. The show found a loyal following and reigned on the air for 9 years. From close-talkers to puffy shirts, from Festivus to double-dipping, Seinfeld, which still rocks even in re-runs, changed comedy and our vernacular forever – yada yada.

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