Some Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About ABBA

The Winner Takes It All…Despite the U.K.’s Efforts to Say Otherwise

The 1974 Eurovision Song Contest turned out to be rather legendary in nature. Some famous acts/artists did ultimately come from this global event. However, none were as big as ABBA. Representing Sweden, ABBA won the contest based upon playing what turned out to be a major hit in “Waterloo.” Team Sweden won after getting the requisite amount of points from other countries (who vote on the winners).

However, one country didn’t give ABBA even one point. As we learned nearly 30 years after the contest, the U.K. contingent didn’t vote for Team Sweden once (despite the fact they smashed the competition). Interestingly enough, the contest even took place in Brighton (England). Is this a case of sour grapes? The U.K.’s representative during this contest happened to be famed actress Olivia Newton-John.

Image Source: Chris Walter/WireImage/Getty Images