Ranking The Top 30 Teen Movies Based in High School

30. Encino Man

Encino Man is your classic early ’90’s comedy. Set at the fictional Encino High School, you’ve got two unpopular kids (Sean Astin, Pauly Shore) looking to prove themselves in a landscape which directly bites back in the opposite direction. Astin’s character uncovers a caveman who was somehow frozen. Once thawed out, the caveman named Link (Brendan Fraser) becomes somewhat of a sensation at their high school. There’s this delicate balance where Astin’s character Dave cares for Link — yet also wants to take advantage of the newfound popularity he’s enjoying. All the while, the popular class bully (played by Michael DeLuise) is looming in the shadows. This film is entertaining — if for nothing else than getting to witness 90 minutes of vintage Shore and all of his Shore-isms.

Image Source: Encino Man Productions/Getty Images