Ranking The Top 25 Sitcoms of the ’90’s

25. Full House

Yes, Full House technically premiered in 1987. However, the show ran for eight seasons through 1995. It was an anchor show for ABC in the early ’90’s — so we’ll count it as a ’90’s show.

First things first, this show is incredibly schmaltzy and saccharine. When world’s greatest dad Danny Tanner (played by the late Bob Saget) takes a knee to throw an elbow around one of his daughters and dispenses a life lesson while sappy music plays, it’s enough to make anyone’s eyes roll out of their head.

Yet, inexplicably, Full House is incredibly watchable. Dave Coulier’s dumb jokes work in spite of their dumbness. John Stamos is impossibly charming. Those Olsen Twins are just adorable. Even annoying neighbor Kimmy Gibbler (played by Andrea Barber) eventually wins you over.

Resist as you might, Full House will wear you down with its endearing wholesomeness.

Image Source: eOnline