Ranking The Top 25 Rides at Disney-Themed Parks

25. Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes

A controversial “ride” but worth checking out. The canoes run the same route as the Columbia Sailing Ship and the Mark Twain Riverboat. Like those attractions, it gives riders a unique perspective on three areas of the park: Frontierland, New Orleans Square and Critter Country. The catch, of course, is that you have to paddle. With your actual human arms.

This isn’t an experience for everyone, but for fit and adventurous groups, this can be an exciting bonding experience as you board one of the only moving attractions in Disneyland Park with no motor or track. Like others on this list, the Explorer Canoes experience also changes depending on the charisma of the Cast Member leading your canoe, so there’s an element of “your mileage may vary” to keep in mind.

Image Source: Jeff Gritchen/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images

24. Autopia

The oldest attraction in Tomorrowland. It opened when the park did in 1955. It was meant to celebrate that fantastical new invention: The Freeway. With a top speed of about 7 miles per hour in each car, this ride is exclusively for nostalgic adults and young children who just can’t wait to earn their drivers’ license. The cars still have that realistic combustion rumble and exhaust, though one wonders if the next upgrade to this attraction brings in a new fleet of sleek electric cars that might push the speedometer all the way to 8 miles per hour?

Image Source: Edie Adams and Ernie Kovacs Estate/Getty Images