Ranking The Top 25 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies of All-Time

25. Batman & Robin (1997)

At this point, saying Batman & Robin is one of the “worst superhero movies ever made” is a pretty cold take. It had a chilling effect on the entire franchise. Twenty-five years later, though, it can be enjoyed the same way we might watch The Room or Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

Casting Arnold as Mr. Freeze was a baffling decision, but he is clearly having the time of his life covered head to toe in white glitter and firing off dozens of terrible ice puns. Grab a bunch of friends, set expectations to below zero, and enjoy one of the most insane feature-length toy commercials you’ll ever see.

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24. End of Days (1999)

There’s just something about this movie that doesn’t work. It is one of the darkest films Arnold has ever made. We don’t typically see him play characters at or near rock bottom in quite this way. The Christian horror elements feel incongruous with the Schwarzenegger-style action. One gets the impression that the script began as a thriller with horror elements. When they cast Arnold, it was hastily rewritten to insert a handful of set pieces to meet audience expectations.

It isn’t unwatchable, but something is just…off.

Image Source: IMDb/Beacon Communication