Ranking The Top 20 Pop Artists of All-Time

18. Morrissey

(Steven) Morrissey first came into the limelight as the lead singer of the iconic ’80’s band The Smiths. His crooning — almost a pleasantly-sounding wail at times — made him an immediate fan favorite. He eventually splintered off to form his own group named after his surname. While The Smiths did tap heavily into the melancholy, morose nature of British rock from the time period, Morrissey offered a bit of a reprieve.

Despite Morrissey’s penchant for controversial political views, much of his music (particularly his older tracks) were highly ‘pop’ in nature. The musical arrangements give much of his music a jangle pop feel — though one could also say his music falls in the indie realm. Among his most noteworthy pop tracks, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention “Suedehead”, “Hairdresser on Fire”, and “Now My Heart is Full”.

Image Source:  Clare Muller/Redferns