Ranking The Most Powerful Characters In The DC Universe

Chock full of familiar characters, the pantheon of heroes and villains from DC Comics are among the most powerful beings in existence. Where does your favorite character rank?

25. Bane

Debut Appearance — Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993)

The rogues’ gallery of Batman villains is chock full of notoriously astute criminals, whose devious machinations are the only thing they can use to even compete with the Dark Knight — but Bane has both brains and brawn. With the deadly Venom drug coursing through his veins, Bane can radically increase his strength.

But as opposed to a charging brute devoid of reason or logic, Bane’s militaristic mind has helped him as often as his swollen frame has. Bane famously broke Batman’s spine, but not all thanks to his strength — it takes a master tactician to outmaneuver someone as skilled as the Dark Knight. And that perhaps did more damage to Batman than any physical injury could.

Image Source: Comic Watch