Ranking The Last 25 Oscar-Winning Best Actress Performances

23. Meryl Streep — The Iron Lady (2011)

How can you deny the powerhouse performer that is Meryl Streep? Effortless yet nuanced in everything she does, she is undoubtedly the greatest actress of her generation, and deservedly a contender for perhaps the greatest actress of all-time. Yet her turn as British PM Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady doesn’t quite hit that typical Streep level of earnestness. It is naturally a bit of a head scratcher — how does an actress like Meryl Streep win an Oscar for a performance that seems to be a great impression?

It cites a larger problem regarding the Academy’s standards rather than the performance itself, but this biopic hits all the typical notes for creating an Oscar-bait film. Though Meryl Streep gives it her all, there is not enough of her — and all too much Maggie. The Iron Lady exceeds in the mundane, in hitting the beats that any historical drama would — and sadly that includes America’s greatest actress.

Image Source: IMDb