Ranking The Last 27 Oscar-Winning Best Actor Performances

The last 27 years have seen a remarkable catalog of moving performances by some of the best actors of their generations. In the battle of Best Actor, who ranks highest amongst the cavalcade of Oscar winners?

27. Jean Dujardin — The Artist (2011)

Beyond period pieces, the ultimate throwback film in recent memory was 2011’s The Artist. Shot in black-and-white and with less than five lines of dialogue, this silent film was the highly publicized reclamation of a lost art form. As we learn at the end of the film, A-list star George Valentin’s (Dujardin) heavy French accent could be the nail in his Hollywood coffin. The film and its performances are undoubtedly fun, each frame a love letter to the bygone era in which it takes place. By staying true to the period, the emotions that Dujardin stirs up are big, and ironically scream whatever he is feeling at that moment. Given the closeups that are expected of today’s style of cinema, the theatrical level of performance seems out of place.

Image Source: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images