Ranking The Best Television Shows From The 1970’s

21. Donny & Marie (1975-79)

The musical family out of Utah splintered from their group The Osmonds in order to form a series on ABC. Of course, Donny and Marie were the headliners from their family’s band — which at one time were one of the biggest musical groups on the entire planet. This Friday night show capitalized on the popularity of the aforementioned duo. You saw musical performances — as well as comedic sketches. The guest stars who appeared on the show was truly a list of A-List entertainers at the top of their respective fields. Some of those included Sonny & Cher, Jerry Lewis, Little Richard, Loretta Lynn, Desi Arnaz, Bob Hope, Tom Jones, Raquel Welch, Dick Van Dyke, and Billy Crystal (among others).

Image Source: Closer Weekly