Ranking the Best Survivor Contestants of All-Time

23. Adam Klein

Upon first glance, Adam Klein wasn’t seen as a favorite to win his debut season — Millennials vs. Gen X. In the end, however, Klein was a dominant force on Season 33. As a self-admitted superfan of the show, Klein had a target on his back early on. However, Klein’s knowledge of the game worked to his benefit as he navigated a very strong game throughout. He finished the season with more challenge wins (7) than votes against him (6). Although he misplayed a Hidden Immunity Idol — used it to save himself, zero votes were cast for him — Klein advanced to the Final Tribal Council. The jury respected his game so much that all 10 members voted for Klein to win.

The Season 33 winner returned for Winners at War, but he didn’t have as much success. He managed to hatch plans to vote out both Natalie Anderson and Boston Rob, but his maneuver to oust Rob ultimately led to his game ending. After attempting to play a fake Immunity Idol at Tribal Council, Adam was voted out — resulting in a 12th place finish.

Image Source: Araya Doheny/WireImage/Getty Images