Ranking The Best 25 Friends Episodes of All-Time

22. Season 3, Episode 25: “The One at the Beach”

Phoebe finds out that one of her parents’ friend has a beach house in Montauk. Hoping to learn where her father might be, she decides to track this woman down. Luckily, a massage client has lent Phoebe a beach house that is coincidentally also in Montauk. The friends accompany Phoebe on her trip.With no sources of entertainment, the group resorts to playing “Strip Happy Days.” Rachel flirts heavily with Ross — despite him having a girlfriend named Bonnie. Much to Rachel’s dismay, Bonnie unexpectedly arrives for the weekend.

A flurry of things happen in the remainder of the episode. Chandler asks Monica why he isn’t boyfriend material. Phoebe finds out that the other Phoebe is her birth mother. Rachel inexplicably convinces Bonnie to shave her head, and Ross learns that Rachel still loves him. He then comes to the realization he still loves her, too.

Best Moments: Joey waking up with “sand boobs”; Kiss between Rachel and Ross.

Best Quote: (While watching Ross’s newly bald girlfriend go swimming). Rachel: “She doesn’t look that bad.” Ross: “You can see the moonlight bouncing off her head.”

21. Season 4, Episode 1: “The One with the Jellyfish”

Season 4 begins at the beach house, and continues where things left off. Ross goes to Bonnie’s room to break up, and the process is extensive. Meanwhile, Rachel writes Ross an 18-page letter about their relationship. She asks Ross to read it immediately, but he falls asleep while doing so. In the morning, Rachel asks him, “Does it?” Not having the full letter, he takes a stab in the dark and says, “It does.” She is thrilled, and they get back together. Ross later finishes the letter, and see that she has asked him to take full responsibility for their last break-up. He is outraged.

When the group returns to the city, Phoebe’s birth mother finds her to apologize for not getting into contact before. Though angry, Phoebe softens and tries to find common ground with her. Ross and Rachel have a huge fight over the letter, and they break up again.

Best Moments: The serious (and hilarious) way in which Monica, Chandler, and Joey recount their story on the beach; Ross and Rachel’s quick-witted insults.

Best Quote: Joey: “She’s my friend, and she needed help. If I had to, I’d pee on any one of you.”

20. Season 7, Episode 22: “The One with Chandler’s Dad”

This episode begins with Rachel finding out that everyone but her is allowed to drive Monica’s Porsche due to her terrible driving. After Ross instigates a fight with Rachel bragging about how fast the car is, Rachel steals the keys (and some cash) from him. He catches her as she is about to drive off. With Rachel refusing to relinquish control of the car, he has no choice but to go with her and hilarity ensues.

Meanwhile, Joey and Phoebe experiment with wearing opposite gender underwear (and both seem to enjoy it). However, the heart of the episode is about Chandler. He divulges that he never invited his father to his and Monica’s upcoming nuptials. He has lingering hurt and embarrassment from when his father would do things like show up dressed as Hollywood starlets to his childhood swim meets. Monica convinces him to go with her to his father’s drag show in Vegas. While at the performance, Chandler ends up inviting his father to his wedding. His father says he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Best Moments: Monica helping Chandler see things with his dad in a positive light; Ross batting his eyelashes at the officer.

Best Quote: (After Monica makes fun of his slow driving). Ross: “It’s a car Monica, not a rocket ship.” Monica: “Whatever, Ross. Just replace the bulbs in the brake lights after you’re done.”

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