Ranking The Best 25 Friends Episodes of All-Time

Beloved sitcom Friends was on the air for ten seasons (1994-2004). Watching through the series over a decade later, it’s clear how much of an impact the show has had on pop culture. Terms like “BFF” and “friend zone” were first used on the show. Many celebrities also made cameos in the Friends storyline. With 236 episodes, it’s difficult to choose just 25 favorites.

With that said, here are our choices:

25. Season 7, Episode 15: “The One with Joey’s New Brain”

Joey rejoins Days of Our Lives when his comatose character, Dr. Drake Ramoray, is implanted with the brain of another character (Jessica). Cecilia Monroe, who plays Jessica, is initially outraged that she is being written off, but agrees to help Joey learn how to portray the role. Joey and Cecilia (played by an always excellent Susan Sarandon) end up hooking up.

Meanwhile, in an effort to honor Chandler’s Scottish heritage, Ross decides to learn “Celebration” on the bagpipes for Chandler and Monica’s wedding. It does not sound good. Monica and Chandler discover what Ross is up to, and, panicked, they ask him not to play.

Phoebe and Rachel have a little conflict of their own, over who will deliver a lost cell phone back to a cute guy. It turns out the phone belongs to an elderly man, and the cute guy was his assistant. This does not derail Phoebe, however, and Rachel pretends she is doing her a favor by letting Phoebe “have” the older man.

Best Moments: Sarandon (and her daughter, Eva Amurri)’s cameos; the scene of Ross practicing the bagpipes in his apartment

Best Quote: (Watching Ross poorly practice the bagpipes) Monica: “Why is your family Scottish?” Chandler: “Why is your family Ross?”

24. Season 7, Episode 2: “The One with Rachel’s Book”

Phoebe is currently living with Monica and Chandler. The couple is wedding planning, and to give them a little space, Phoebe asks Ross if she can stay with him for a few days. He agrees, but is furious when he finds out that she is bringing her massage clients over to his place. Joey and Rachel are dealing with roommate issues of their own. Joey’s pet duck has made a mess all over the apartment. Finding the couch and his own bed dirty, Joey decides to take a nap in Rachel’s bed. While in her room, he discovers her erotic novel.

The focal point of the episode is when Monica learns that her parents have spent all the money they had allotted for Monica’s wedding on a beach house. Monica is devastated, as she is no longer sure she’ll have her dream wedding. Chandler can afford to pay for the wedding expenses, but he refuses because he wants to save some of the money for the future. In the end, Monica apologizes and says she wants a good marriage, not just a good wedding. Chandler is touched, and agrees to let Monica have her dream wedding.

Best Moments: Joey dressing up like a “vicar;” Ross embarrassing himself in front of women in the coffee shop; Ross’s experience as a masseur

Best Quote: Ross: “Okay, so it wasn’t a traditional massage. But I did give him acu-pressure with a pair of chopsticks. And I gently exfoliated him with, with a mop.”

23. Season 3, Episode 1: “The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy”

Monica has recently broken up with her great love, Richard. She can’t sleep, and finds herself getting emotional over anything that reminds her of him, including his hair. Her father informs her that Richard is not handling their break up well either, and Monica finally feels some peace.

In this episode, some of the other friends are in relationships. Chandler is back with Janice, whose grating laugh Joey can’t stand. He decides to give her a chance, and spends a day hanging out with her. He still is not a fan of hers, but Chandler appreciates that he made an effort for the sake of their friendship.

Ross and Rachel are also a couple. Rachel asks Ross if he has any fantasies, and he admits to liking Princess Leia and her gold bikini. Rachel tells Phoebe this, and Ross finds out. At first, he is mad at Rachel, but she convinces him that best friends share everything. Ross tries this theory out with Chandler, and Chandler reveals that he sometimes accidentally thinks of his mother during sex. Ross is horrified, and when Rachel dresses up like Princess Leia for him, he can’t help but imagine his mom, too.

Best Moments: Monica finally getting some closure on her break up; Ross’s funny visual of his mother

Best Quote: (While discussing the most romantic songs) Phoebe: “I think the one that Elton John wrote for, um, that guy on Who’s the Boss?” Rachel: “What song is that, Pheebs?” Phoebe (singing): “‘Hold me close, young Tony Danza.'”

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