Ranking The 16 Best Movies of Adam Sandler’s Career

“The Price is wrong…”

If you’ve grown up in the ‘90’s, it’s safe to say Adam Sandler was an integral part of your cinematic experience.

He dominated the era with countless hit films. While the last decade hasn’t been as fruitful from a success standpoint, there are plenty of funny moments from the past.

This piece will rank the top 16 movies Sandler has starred in as the protagonist.

16. Blended

The latest installment of the Sandler-Drew Barrymore series takes place here. Both Sandler and Barrymore are single parents – opting to take their children on vacation to Africa. After initially hating each other, the two fall in love – thus merging their two families in the end. It has some good moments, and is sort of a pseudo version of the ‘60’s film Yours, Mine and Ours.

Image Sources: Craziestsportsfights.com, The New Yorker