Ranking The 25 Best ’80s Hits From Corniest To Greatest

19. “Africa” – Toto (1982)

This beloved rock-jazz fusion song by Toto features the dramatic sounding lyrics, “I bless the rain down in Africa.” However, the sentiment behind the writing is sincere. Keyboardist David Paich went to a Catholic school while growing up, and some of the brothers who taught him were traveling back and forth from Africa. Paich based the song off of these people who moved there to help, and who didn’t want to return, due to the great beauty of the continent. He also used the track as a metaphor for his own life, as he debated leaving the joy of being a touring musician to settle down and start a family.

Image Source: Goldmine Magazine

18. “White Wedding, Pt. 1” – Billy Idol (1982)

Billy Idol, a British musician formerly of the punk band Generation X, moved to New York in 1981, and became a staple on MTV with this single off his debut solo album. The lyrics are anti-marriage, and the video conveys this well in typical campy ’80s fashion: there is imagery of a barbed wire wedding ring, nails being pounded into a coffin, and the bride dancing in a kitchen that is exploding all around her. The video also shows girls shaking their butts in black latex pants, just for good measure.

Image Source: billyidol.net