Ranking All 38 WrestleMania Events From Worst to Best

38. WrestleMania 32 (aka WrestleMania Lone Star)

Where to even begin? WrestleMania 32 is top to bottom one of the most strange, off-putting nights in the history of WrestleMania. A showcase of all of Vince McMahon’s eccentricities and bad habits. Let’s put aside the interminable length of the show (five hours long — seven if you include the pre-show), the card itself has no outstanding matches or memorable moments unless your favorite wrestler is Zack Ryder.

The main event is arguably the low point in the babyface Roman Reigns experiment as he wrestles an endless 27 minute brawl with Triple H (that the crowd boos out of the building). Undertaker and Shane’s 30 minute Hell in a Cell slog was more sad than exciting (in spite of Shane-O-Mac once again risking serious injury to delight the crowd). Even the Women’s championship match — the best match on the card — had a head scratcher of a finish (it was Sasha’s night). Just the dirt-worst way to spend a Sunday evening.

Image Source: Gary Gershoff/WireImage