Ranking All 38 WrestleMania Events From Worst to Best

36. WrestleMania IX

We all should have known something was up when Hulk Hogan appeared in the mid-card in a nothing Tag Title match with Brother Brutus.

The show is of course infamous for its inexplicable ending. After Yokozuna steals a victory in the main event from Bret Hart, the new champion is stupid enough to accept a challenge from the Hulkster and loses in less than 30 seconds. Terrible.

The show does have a few things going for it. It was the first Mania to be held outdoors. It took place in Caesar’s Palace’s parking lot and was themed as such with the announce team and backstage crew dressed for the “world’s largest toga party.” Shawn Michaels and Tatanka have an underrated opening match that would be remembered better if not for the terrible finish. Undertaker even comes to the ring with a big bird.

Image Source: jobberknocker blog