Ranking All 38 WrestleMania Events From Worst to Best

37. WrestleMania IV

Live from Atlantic City, New Jersey and just across the street from the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. WrestleMania IV is a show that is mostly remembered as a footnote in the setup for WrestleMania V rather than a high point in the career of Randy Savage as it should have been. The problem here is that the PPV attempts to have an entire 14 person tournament for the then-vacant WWF Title in one evening. What we end up with is a four hour long show that is a formless parade of short matches, many with disappointing finishes.

The outcome is the right one, and Randy Savage would make for a great champion, but it just takes too long to get there. There’s a reason this one is often referred to as WrestleMania Bore.

Image Source: Ken Faught/Toronto Star via Getty Images