Ranking All 25 PIXAR Movies From Worst to Best

25. Turning Red

Turning Red is the latest PIXAR movie to hit the silver screen — and the first debuting in 2022 (with the highly-anticipated Lightyear soon to follow this upcoming June). Featuring an almost exclusively Asian cast, the story takes place in Canada. Due to a curse instituted via a hereditary link, one teenage girl happens to transform into a gigantic red panda whenever she feels some sort of emotion — whether good or bad. Turning Red is great from the standpoint that PIXAR yet again produced a coming-of-age tale in which youngsters can learn from.

Additionally, it has enough ‘adult’ content to make the story both funny and worthwhile for those parents who sit down to enjoy the story with their kids. We also appreciate the unique presentation of this story, as the PIXAR universe continues to become more and more diverse.

Image Source: IMDb