RANKED: The Top 30 Characters From The Harry Potter Series

30. Buckbeak

Our first Harry Potter character comes in the form of an animal rather than a witch or wizard. Buckbeak first made his appearance in The Prisoner of Azakaban. A scary yet misunderstood creature, he was in Hagrid’s possession before being sentence to death (at the hands of the wretched Draco Malfoy). Fortunately for those lovers of Buckbeak, he was able to escape death — and live with Harry Potter’s godfather, Sirius Black. Throughout the latter movies, Buckbeak provided Harry with both loyalty and protection.

29. Peter Pettigrew

A loyal stooge to Voldemort, the cowering man named Peter Pettigrew ended up being a very significant character as we delved further into the story. He faked his own death by evolving into a rat (which turned out to be Ron’s pet for 12 years). Upon Voldemort’s official regeneration, Pettigrew morphed back into the slimy, creepy, cunning man many knew him to be. “Wormtail” — as he was known by his former friends — ultimately double-crossed Sirius Black, James Potter, and Remus Lupin. While not a beloved character by any stretch, he was fascinating nonetheless.

Image Source: Pottermore