RANKED: The 31 Best Game Of Thrones Characters

***WARNING*** THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not watched all seven seasons and would be upset to learn about some of Game Of Thrones‘ most epic moments, we urge you to close this article and return once you have consumed all 67 episodes.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s how the 31 most crucial characters stack up against one another.

31. Hodor

Hodor remained a mystery throughout his time on the show… that is, until we learned of his tragic backstory and eventual demise. Formerly known as Wylis, Bran Stark’s guardian tragically lost his mind when the future Bran warged into a young Wylis during a vision. Hodor met his end protecting Bran from wights, as he listened to Meera shout “Hold the door!” The gentle giant lived a tragic life, but he died a hero.

30. Khal Drogo

Drogo was as intimidating as they come. Drogo was a khal — Dothraki warlord — who was never defeated in battle. His impact on Daenerys Targaryen cannot be understated. Soon after the two newlyweds learn they are to have a child, the great khal succumbs to injuries suffered in battle. Things turn for the worst when their child is stillborn, leading Daenerys to walk directly into Drogo’s funeral pyre. To everyone’s surprise, Dany is found unharmed the following morning, holding three newborn dragons — the first dragons to be seen in over a century. Drogo may have had a short run on the show, but his impact is tremendous. Dany’s short time with Drogo resulted in two incredible powers — dragons and command of an army.