RANKED: The 29 Best Players from the Backyard Sports Series

29. Jorge Garcia

Best Sport: Hockey

The reason why the Backyard kids are so endearing is because they all have areas they are stronger in and weaker in, making Jorge Garcia’s inclusion in the game that much more puzzling. He’s virtually a bottom-five player in every game that has been released, with no discernible skills to write home about. Jorge is not much of an athlete, but I’m sure he’s a nice kid.

28. Marky Dubois

Best Sport: Baseball

Marky is an alright baseball player and that’s about it. He’s nearly useless at basketball, is a bottom-tier soccer player and isn’t anything special at football or hockey. He also seems like he would smell bad, deterring away other potential players that might actually help your team. Steer away from Marky and his pet frog.

27. Gretchen Hasselhoff

Best Sport: Soccer

Gretchen is a bit forgettable in the Backyard series, as she was never one of the five or ten best players in any given sport. Although never a star, she was at the very least an average player in each game. A natural soccer player, Gretchen was fast getting up and down the pitch and a good selection for an attacking midfielder due to her ball control.

Image Source: Vizzed.com