RANKED: The 25 Most Unforgettable Episodes Of Grey’s Anatomy Of All-Time

21. “Remember the Time” (Season 9, Episode 2)

The episode starts with a flashback to the plane crash. Meredith is freaking out in the hospital and searching for Derek. In the present, Derek and Meredith are having a fight about moving to Boston. Mark is in a coma and Arizona might lose her leg. Cristina is catatonic. Derek is left with only 80% functionality in his hand and talks Callie into giving him a risky surgery that could get him back up to 100% functionality.

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20.“I Want You With Me” (Season 10, Episode 2)

Meredith is still in the hospital after giving birth. Bailey is operating on Richard. Heather Brooks dies and the team tries to comfort her grief-stricken mother with the same Jell-O story that Meredith told George’s mother when he passed away. Catherine wants Richard moved to a different hospital.

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