RANKED: The 20 Greatest Games on the Original Xbox

20. Winning Eleven 9

Year Released: 2006 (NA)
Metacritic Score: 89/100

True fans of soccer (fútbol/football) games shouldn’t be surprised to see Konami’s Winning Eleven 9 kicking off the list. Although FIFA stepped their game up in the next generation of consoles, it was the Winning Eleven (the predecessor to Pro Evolution Soccer) that was the more realistic experience. With a Career mode offering 140 different teams you can choose to manage and robust customization options to make teams completely unique, it was easy to dive in for hours at a time. A unique aspect of the game was also how well it put you in the role of a true football manager, budgeting finances accordingly and making tough decisions that could affect your career. Both a great single player and multiplayer experience, Winning Eleven 9 is one of the best installments in a quality series.

19. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Year Released: 2006
Metacritic Score: 83/100

Marvel Ultimate Alliance appeased the needs of many by bringing together all of our favorite Marvel Heroes for a highly-entertaining, beat-em-up style game. The game in itself was solid, with enjoyable fight mechanics and an incredible story that follows a completely unique plot. It truly shined in the multi-player, where you and three of your friends could get together and beat up baddies for hours on end. The game ultimately spurned into a successful and enjoyable series, one that could be replayed over and over again because of the dynamic roster filled with famous superheroes.

18. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Year Released: 2006
Metacritic Score: 81/100

Although not the most innovative of games, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 took an already great series and elevated it to the top level. The series already had a great single player experience, where we were given the choice of playing through match play, stroke play, best ball and several other single player modes. Though it added two other new modes compared to the previous game, the majority of new features were targeted towards the game’s multiplayer. This is where the game really stands out, as these modes replaced a previously looked down upon game mode that involved traveling through time to play against certain golfers. Yeah, that doesn’t sound much better written out.

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