Most Unforgettable Controversies In SNL History

Kanye West

Kanye West never fails to create buzz when he’s in front of a camera. Who can forget Michael Myers’ befuddled look after West famously uttered the words, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” during a televised fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims. West has never shied away from speaking his mind, and that was plainly evident during his most recent SNL appearance.

Performing as a musical guest in 2018, West played a few of his top hits while donning a “Make America Great Again” cap. After finishing his set, West still had plenty to say. As the credits for the program were rolling, West began a pro-Donald Trump rant much to the horror of the live audience. Comedian Chris Rock captured the monologue on video, and posted it online for everyone to see. SNL regulars Kenan Thompson and Pete Davidson publicly voiced their displeasure with West’s act. The rapper-producer hasn’t been asked to return to the show ever since.

Image Source: Dana Edelson/GETTY Images