Most Unforgettable Controversies In SNL History

Adrien Brody

Fresh off a win at the Academy Awards for his performance in The Pianist, a white-hot Brody was granted the opportunity to host SNL. Asked to host an episode in 2003, Brody took things a bit too far. Without running it by anyone backstage, Brody wore a dreadlock wig and used a fake Jamaican accent while introducing Kingston-born recording artist Sean Paul. The footage is cringeworthy.

Suffice to say, Lorne Michaels wasn’t too happy with the Oscar winner. Brody built up a reputation of being a bit of a loose cannon during this period. Months earlier, Brody planted a (unplanned) kiss on Halle Berry while accepting his Oscar. Due to his unpredictability, Brody was banned from ever returning to Saturday Night Live.

Image Source: Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC/GETTY Images