Holiday Season on Netflix: The Best Movies and Shows to Stream

Merry Happy Whatever

Original Release — November 28, 2019

Meeting your significant other’s family for the first time is always a nerve-racking moment. Will they like you? Will you like them? There are so many things that can go wrong — and sometimes do — that it is easy to dread the initial meeting. So, imagine the additional nerves you would have if this took place at Christmas. In Merry Happy Whatever, Brent Morin’s Matt is faced with that situation. Matt is brought home by his girlfriend, Emmy, to meet her dad (Dennis Quaid), siblings, and in-laws. Over the course of eight episodes, Matt seeks Don’s (Quaid) permission to marry Emmy. With a fun cast including Ashley Tisdale, Merry Happy Whatever is a fun, binge-worthy show.

Image Source: IMDb