From Paper to Film: The Top 25 Stephen King Adaptations

24. The Dark Tower

Original Release — August 4, 2017

Considered by many to the magnum opus of his massive library of works, The Dark Tower series followed lone gunslinger Roland Deschain in his mystical battles against the forces of evil across seven epic volumes. With a cast led by Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey as the hero and villain, respectively, what an epic it could be. Handled by a somewhat inexperienced director, the film went from adapting the tale as written to attempting to create a pseudo-sequel to the final seventh chapter — with all the grim trappings of your standard, bloated blockbuster. King’s original novels were filled with rich characterizations, vivid alien landscapes, and an overarching sense of doom for our lead character. Those vital nuances that made The Dark Tower series such a landmark were left locked away in the highest spire of Hollywood’s blockbuster machine.

Image Source: IMDb