Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s 25 Greatest Films

21. The Game Plan

Original Release — September 28, 2007

Here we have Dwayne Johnson in an odd career transition. Attempting to break away from strictly his wrestling persona, it is the last film to credit him as The Rock. Desperate to show he is not only a rough-and-tough warrior, this comedy — produced by Disney — is about a father reconnecting with the young daughter he never knew he had. The critical conflict becomes that this specific father is a star football player, just a few games away from winning his team’s first championship. With a team of promoters and agents worried she will only be a distraction, Johnson’s Joe Kingman is constantly torn between football fame or fatherly happiness.

Is there anything particularly bad about The Game Plan? Absolutely not — the film’s faults simply lie in a story we have seen multiple times before. The Game Plan is also a victim of the time in which it was produced. The Walt Disney company in the early to mid 2000s were throwing cash on quick-to-shoot family comedies that could hopefully turn a profit — The Game Plan was simply outplayed by laziness and circumstance.

Image Source: IMDb