Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s 25 Greatest Films

22. Hercules

Original Release — July 25, 2014

It really is a shame that Hercules ranks so low. The Rock has many a time dubbed it his ultimate passion project, but the final product lacked the Herculean critical response and box office numbers the star was certainly hoping for. With a truly heroic physique and personality in the lead, there was no way that any aspect of this film could be compared to the Disney film many are accustomed to — so why would they frame the film after his completion of his famous Twelve Labours?

This version saw the titular hero as a mercenary fighting against a corrupt king and redeeming himself from a supposed horrible act. It’s the structure of a historical fantasy film we have seen dozens of times before. The source material of Greek Mythology is perhaps the greatest wellspring of creativity that humanity has ever been given and the filmmakers elected to put their own misguided narrative spin on it. The result is laborious, rather than a celebration of labours. The plus side? This is probably the best and biggest shape Dwayne Johnson has ever been in — 150 days of clean eating and packing on even more muscle is a true feat to behold.

Image Source: IMDb