Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s 25 Greatest Films

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? It’s usually high-octane action that fuels his massive box office numbers. These are the superstar’s best films.

25. Doom

Original Release — October 21, 2005

Video game adaptations are notorious for typically failing on all cinematic fronts. While turning a book into a film allows the audience to cement their visualization of beloved characters and places, video games are built on interacting and controlling the actions of your on-screen avatar — something impossible in a film. For a plot that deals with space marines battling the demons of Hell on Mars, Doom fell grotesquely flat.

Despite being released in 2005 — that gave us still revered visual effects in films such as King Kong and Revenge of the Sith — the film’s graphics were years behind the curve and were the final nail in the coffin for a film with a barely written plot and characters. Attempting to mask its narrative issues with the blood-letting that its video game counterpart is famous for came as a poor excuse and audiences weren’t biting. Universal Studios endured a $15 million loss, but Dwayne Johnson thankfully skated by the majority of the criticism.

Image Source: IndieWire