Definitive Ranking of Marvel’s Most Powerful Characters

23. Black Widow

Stand aside Nick Fury — Natasha Romanoff is truly the preeminent spy in the MCU. Plagued with a bloody and shadowy past, Natasha has worked tirelessly to right her moral wrongs. Helped along by a sense of purpose and friendship amongst the ranks of the Avengers, Natasha has put her exceptional and deadly combat skills to use for the greater good.

Trained in the horrid halls of a secret Russian program, Natasha’s penchant for precisional pain not only makes her one of the deadliest women on Earth, but has proved to be enough to contend with aliens, robots, and other cosmic entities. In a film franchise loaded with a dizzying number of threats beyond human compare, Natasha can hold her own against the best in the galaxy — how many other non-superpowered individuals can claim that? And with her emotional sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, Natasha could finally claim that she was the good person she so desperately wanted to be.

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