Definitive Ranking of Marvel’s Most Powerful Characters

24. Falcon

Thrown into the world of superhero duties abruptly, Sam Wilson immediately stood out as a veteran still ready to do what is right for the greater good. Though he fancies himself a smooth talker and has perfect comedic timing, Sam has increasingly distinguished as a skilled tactician, quick-thinking decision maker, and skilled fighter — not to mention his mastery of the mechanical wings that granted him his Avengers moniker.

In time, we will certainly see Sam Wilson’s name move higher on rankings such as this — Steve Rogers wouldn’t grant him the title of Captain America without a darn good reason why. Many fans thought it was odd that Cap didn’t pass the title onto his best friend Bucky Barnes, but it’s Sam Wilson who has all the makings of a hero that is braver, kinder, and better than the modern day deserves.

Image Source: Hollywood Reporter