Controversial Films That Would Never Be Made Today

Rush Hour 2

Fans of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have plenty of fond memories about this buddy cop classic. Two officers from different walks of life are forced to team up to take down the bad guys. A pretty simple premise which is expertly executed through a trio of films (though Rush Hour 3 doesn’t earn nearly as much praise as it predecessors). As humorous as some of film is, Rush Hour 2 does rely a bit on racial stereotypes.

Of course, racial stereotyping is at the core of this franchise. In a number of comedic bits, Chan and Tucker’s character cannot understand each other due to the language barrier (even though Chan speaks perfect English). Rush Hour 2 takes this theme to a new level with the movie taking place in Hong Kong. Tucker’s James Carter gets into several hijinks because he doesn’t have a grip on the language. The stereotyping is especially pungent in the scene when the tandem go to get a massage at a stereotypical Asian spa.

Image Source: Vince Bucci-Getty Images