Bad Scenes From Great Movies

The Love Speech — Interstellar

Christopher Nolan is a director of vision, plain and simple. He does not compromise on the story he believes can be brought to the screen. In doing so, there are aspects that he has chosen to not include in his scripts. Budding, growing romances are rarely a part of his films — he succeeds in romantic scenes, but in order to facilitate his story, does not include actual romantic subplots. Even The Dark Knight’s love triangle of Bruce, Rachel, and Harvey is a further exploration that Gotham’s DA is a more fitting man for the city than its violent protector that is Batman.

So when Anne Hathaway’s Amelia Brand gives a monologue about the power of love transcending space and time, it seemed out of place for a writer/director like Nolan. Show don’t tell is a powerful tool utilized by the greatest of filmmakers, and it is ironic that Nolan does just that in Interstellar — when astronaut Cooper enters an interdimensional tesseract, it is his love for his daughter that inspires his actions. He leaves clues throughout time and space for his daughter to latch onto, the clues that will help humanity live to see another day. It is a wonderful visualization of a father-daughter relationship, leaving Brand’s monologue superfluous.

Image Source: IMDb