Bad Scenes From Great Movies

Even the finest works of cinematic art are not without their faults — these are the forgotten, ill-conceived, or generally bad scenes from great movies.

The Relationship That Never Was — Joker

Just when we thought we got the defining Joker portrayal from The Dark Knight, this 2019 re-imagining of the character was a grimy, dark deconstruction of the failures of the mental health system and class warfare — all boosted by Joaquin Phoenix’s startling unhinged performance as the clown himself that earned him a Best Actor Oscar. Though masterfully made, the film suffers from one slight misstep that pulls you out. Midway through Joker, Phoenix’s Arthur goes to his girlfriend’s — played by the always wonderful Zazie Beetz — apartment to be consoled.

When she finds him on her couch, she is startled — not because he just showed up, but because they were never a couple. Their entire relationship was a figment of Arthur’s broken mind, but it is a twist that anyone could easily see coming. No offense to Joaquin Phoenix, but his portrayal — and the excellent costume and makeup work — makes it clear that he is not the type of man that someone as confident and young as Beetz would go for. It feels obvious, as opposed to earned in a film that works hard to demand its audience gets a new perspective on comics’ greatest villain.

Image Source: Reddit