According to Rotten Tomatoes, These are the 35 Best TV Shows Since 2002

33. House of Cards

Rating: 77%

House of Cards went from being Netflix’s top dog to being an untouchable project. Led by two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, House of Cards featured a powerhouse cast, excellent writing, and a strong producer in David Fincher. The Netflix show garnered 56 Emmy nominations and won two Golden Globes — Best Actor (Spacey) and Best Actress (Robin Wright) — Television Series Drama.

However, after Spacey was hit with multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, the show-lead was fired immediately. As a result, the show was essentially finished on the spot. Without Spacey, Netflix produced one final season — consisting of eight episodes — before calling it a day.

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32. Friday Night Lights

Rating: 97%

Two years before Friday Night Lights debuted as a television series, executive producer Peter Berg had brought the sports drama to the big screen. Following the success of the film, the Dillon Panthers were the center of the (fictional) football world for another five years. Starring Kyle Chandler (head coach Eric Taylor), Connie Britton (Tami Taylor), Jesse Plemons, Taylor Kitsch and Minka Kelly, Friday Night Lights had viewers on the edge of their seats each and every episode. The show made you care about the lives of the main characters more than the results of the football games — although those games didn’t lack intensity. This is certainly a binge-worthy show.

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