According to Rotten Tomatoes, These Are the 30 Best Films of All-Time

28. Eighth Grade (2018)

Rating: 99%
While most people are familiar with Bo Burnham’s work as a comedian, he truly shines here as the writer and director of Eighth Grade. The star of the movie is Elsie Fisher. Playing Kayla Day, Fisher portrays an eighth grader who is going through her last week of a miserable final year of middle school. Taking experiences from his own teenage life, Burnham does a splendid job developing the character of Kayla. Through social media avenues such as YouTube and Instagram, Kayla portrays a fun, confident life. In reality, however, she is not the same confident teenager she appears to be on the internet. Through clever writing and a very strong performance from Fisher, Eighth Grade shines.

Image Source: IMDb