78 Years of Movies: The Defining Film of Each Year From 2022-1945

Through the power of filmmaking, Hollywood has created some of our most powerful memories, social trends, and pure entertainment. All of these classic films — and those soon to be known as — defined the year in which they were released, creating a decades long filmography of triumphant artistry.

2022 — Avatar: The Way of Water

2022 was capped off with a return to Pandora. 13 years after Avatar changed the way the world saw film, director James Cameron finally delivered its sequel — Avatar: The Way of Water. The film is set in the same universe as the original, and follows the story of Jake Sully — a paraplegic former Marine who becomes part of the Avatar Program. Key to both films, the program allows him (and others) to control a genetically engineered body in the form of an Avatar.

In The Way of Water, Sully and his family are forced to confront the challenges posed by the human desire to mine Pandora’s natural resources, as well as the conflicts between the human military and the native Pandora inhabitants, the Na’vi. The film explores the concept of family and the relationships between the different characters, and introduces us to a new world within Pandora.