30 Weirdest Pro Wrestlers

30. Asuka

And…NEW Raw Women’s Champion. After conquering NXT (with a 914-day, record-breaking, undefeated streak), Asuka has finally captured gold on RAW when she was awarded the championship after winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. Sure, her win was primarily due to the fact that Becky Lynch is now an expecting mother, but that doesn’t diminish Asuka’s victory in anyway. The moment Asuka and Lynch shared in the ring when the latter alerted the world of her pregnancy was exquisite, and really highlighted why both are such a hit with the fans. Her ability to seamlessly shift her excitement from winning the title to Lynch becoming a new mother was nothing short of sensational.

The Japanese import is one of the most talented performers on the roster today. Her ring gear and use of masks makes for an impressive entrance, and also serves as a sort of intimidation tactic for her foes. Her movement style around the squared-circle is like no other, and Asuka is arguably — at least according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer — the best worker — male or female — in the entire company.

Image Source: Etsu Harao/Getty Images