25 Must-See Shows on Netflix This Year

25. Arrested Development

Arrested Development is a sitcom that follows the escapades of a extremely dysfunctional family, the Bluths. Once too wealthy for their own good, the Bluths lose their money in the pilot, yet struggle to accept their changed circumstances. Jason Bateman plays Michael Bluth, the only rational member of his family, determined to keep everyone afloat despite their stubbornness and lofty ideas of how people should live.

Hilarity derives from his attempts to make his family act like normal people, from his uber-competitive older brother, his alcoholic mother, his spoiled twin sister, to his youngest brother  who has dependency issues with his mother. Despite their ridiculousness, viewers can’t help but root for the Bluths as they attempt to readjust to life without superfluous riches. Even if watching them attempt to adjust means watching them hilariously flounder, most of the time.

Image Source: Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images