25 Hollywood Gaffes That Somehow Made the Final Cut

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End — Singapore?

With memorable characters and entertaining stories, the Pirates of the Caribbean series has spawned five films which have raked in over $4.5 billion in box offices worldwide. That figure certainly makes up for the $1.5 billion it cost to produce the series. Even with that gaudy budget, the Pirates films haven’t been able to elude the occasional slip-up.

Aside from a few continuity errors (Orlando Bloom’s disappearing Elven tattoo), Pirates suffers from a handful of historical inaccuracies. In the third film, At World’s End, the characters travel to Singapore during their epic adventure. However, modern Singapore wasn’t founded until 1819 — over a hundred years after the film is suggested to take place. Let’s just say the writers weren’t overly concerned with facts when they made a movie based on a theme park ride…

Image Source: Brad Barket/Getty Images