25 Hollywood Gaffes That Somehow Made the Final Cut

Game of Thrones — Starbucks

The final season of the lauded HBO original show Game of Thrones was chockfull of continuity mistakes. Years and years of storytelling was undone by gaping plot holes and puzzling character decisions. Though a true GoT fan could rant for hours about everything that went wrong in Season 8, all of that can seemingly boil down to a cup from Starbucks. In the season’s fourth episode, The Last of the Starks, somebody forgot to clear the table before showing a clip of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) with a cup from the famous coffee chain.

The cup was later edited out of the shot, but the damage had already been done. Viewers noticed the cup, and it only added fuel to the notion that the show creators weren’t giving their full effort in Season 8. Amazingly, it wasn’t the only time an untimely drink would make an appearance in Season 8. In the final episode, a water bottle can be seen in what was supposed to be a critical scene for the series.

Image Source: Franchise500