25 Former Disney Channel Stars: Where Are They Now?

Lalaine (Lizzie McGuire)

Let’s be real: Without Miranda Sanchez, there was no Lizzie McGuire. From her spunky attitude to her hella-cool hairstyles, Lizzie and Gordo’s BFF was the reason we believed they had a picture-perfect plan. With that said, actress Lalaine hasn’t had quite the success Hilary Duff’s enjoyed since their Lizzie days (maybe because she didn’t do The Lizzie McGuire Movie?).

Lalaine has kept a pretty low profile since her time on Lizzie McGuire — making a few appearances on TV shows/movies here and there. She has earned credits for Her Best Move and Easy A (among other projects). Like her former costar, she also had a brief music career.

Image Source: Nicki Swift/USA TODAY