25 Characters That Nearly Ruined Great TV Shows

The Sand Snakes — Game of Thrones

Besides the mute and chaotic White Walkers, no character in Game of Thrones was purely evil. Even the most disturbing character like Ramsay Bolton just wanted his father’s acceptance — the show’s sadistic figures were always given a platform to stand on to inform their world view. In a world of richly detailed and intense character studies, the Sand Snakes left our typically satiated appetites frustratingly dry. After the death of Oberyn Martell, the sisters rallied around his lover Ellaria in a bid to do… something?

With a muddled end-goal as a motivation of revenge, the tact that even the series most brutal characters mentally planned was thrown out the window. Game of Thrones went to great lengths — even the lengths of several seasons — to show how even the most minor actions have bitter consequences. The Sand Snakes began murdering the royals of Dorne with no thought or experience as to how to run a kingdom or start a war with a family as powerful as the Lannisters. And worst of all, their murder of Cersei’s daughter Myrcella was completely unjustified, in a less than subtle comment on anger and revenge. And perhaps most upsetting about their introduction was that their lust for blood was not rewarded with any great battle or dismemberment. The Mountain would have been ashamed.

Image Source: Vanity Fair