25 Characters That Nearly Ruined Great TV Shows

No series — no matter how critically lauded — is immune from characters that make you scratch your head and question the writers you normally praise week after week.

Monica Reyes — The X Files

The paranormal investigations of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully brought sci-fi television into the mainstream with a bountiful premise and intriguing concepts. When Mulder’s actor David Duchovny chose to depart from the show for a time in Season 8, the woeful hole he left behind couldn’t be shouldered by Scully alone — two new detectives joined the FBI’s most haunted department, one of them being Monica Reyes.

The foundation of this series was built around Scully’s skepticism and Mulder’s unflinching belief in fantastical concepts. Reyes seemed a good replacement for Mulder as a fellow believer, but as she gradually opened up about her beliefs, her own Mulder-stand-in status seemed to dissolve. The psycho-kinetic powers Monica claimed to tap into seemed more comical and less believable than aliens or vampires. Where Mulder’s beliefs were always teased with truth by the end of the episode, Monica’s psychic voyages were rife with well-deserved skepticism, a crucial part in the quality-downfall of one of television’s best shows.

Image Source: Reddit