25 Best Things to Watch on Hulu

With the worldwide crisis of COVID-19 demanding we remain inside for the safety of ourselves and others, streaming services have perhaps reached the peak of their utility. There is no better time to view the titles that have been collecting dust in your Watchlist — here are 25 of Hulu’s best offerings.


When thinking of science fiction, perhaps we are tempted to imagine the bountiful visual feasts of Star Wars — but while that saga could be equally described as fantasy, we cannot forget that the true genre of sci-fi lies within the intersection of man’s frequently unsettling relationship with technology. Filmmaker Alex Garland has mastered the existential horror of humanity when its technological prowess gets ahead of itself in masterpieces including Ex Machina and Annihilation — he returns to his greatest talent to produce Devs, one of Hulu’s newest major series.

Nick Offerman shakes off his goofily stoic personality of Parks and Recreation to star as the enigmatic, shaggy haired, tech genius Forrest. His compound near San Francisco houses experimental secrets, giving audiences a small glimpse into how his company’s technology influences the inhabitant’s daily lives. Influence is the name of the game in Devs — when an equation is uncovered that can potentially predict one’s actions, what will the less wise do with such powerful information? These stories are when Garland is at his best, and Devs guarantees one action — Garland’s exciting career will continue to flourish in the years to come.

Image Source: IMDb