20 Celebrity Boxing Matches We Need to See

Magic Johnson vs. Rob Pelinka

Oh how Lakers fans would love to see this. As a means to try and bring the Lakers back to glory, both were hired to operate the front office. Things appeared to be going swimmingly…that was until Johnson quit from his position as a front office member while on camera during a very bizarre media scrum.

In an interview with ESPN, Johnson said the following:

“I started hearing, ‘Magic’s not working hard enough’ and ‘Magic’s not in the office’ and people around the Lakers office were telling me Rob was saying things, and I didn’t like those things being said behind my back. I started getting calls from my friends outside of basketball saying those things were now being said to them outside of basketball. Not just in the Lakers office anymore but in the media and whatnot.”

Suffice it to say, but Johnson likely would have a ton of frustrations to get off his chest in some sort of boxing match.

Image Source: Michael Reaves/Getty Images, Walter McBride/Getty Images