20 Celebrity Boxing Matches We Need to See

Patrick Beverley vs. Russell Westbrook

The animosity between these two would be off the proverbial charts. When making a list of the most competitive players in the NBA, Westbrook and Beverley would be at the very top. Both play the game with an extreme edge, where the chip on their respective shoulders is delicately balanced.

Beverley accidentally injured Westbrook a few years ago in the playoffs. As Westbrook crossed half court to call a timeout, Beverley tried to sneakily dive for the ball as an attempt to cause a turnover. Instead, he clattered into Westbrook’s knee — causing a torn meniscus ligament. Westbrook was none too happy about the injury (especially since it occurred on what should’ve been essentially a non-play). Surely, the former UCLA star would love the opportunity to try and legally clock arguably the biggest irritant in the NBA.

Image Source: Harry How/Getty Images, Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Bootsy Bellows